LetterBomb generator

This webpage will generate the files needed to perform the LetterBomb exploit. If you do not know what LetterBomb is, or you need help for the procedure, go to the WiiBrew article.

Note that due to this page's usage of Wilbrand, System Menu 3.0 to 4.3 will work with this exploit, as opposed to HackMii allowing only 4.3. However, because Team Twiizers took the awesome decision of not wanting their installer to be redistributed (<_<), you have to go to their download page to obtain the boot.elf for installing the Homebrew Channel (and BootMii) with LetterBomb.

Additionally: this page is even lighter than HackMii's, you can paste in the MAC address, and you do not need to fill in a Captcha.

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This is a simple webpage which uses bashlib and only the CGI page you're viewing right now. This is the source.