As we all know, the web is unbrowseable garbage, and the browsers are required to be this-garbage complaint, meaning that all browsers are garbage.

We all know that the main browser is the one that rhymes with “Noodle Dome”. So the web is “Noodle Dome” first. All the websites care about “Noodle Dome” before all the other browsers.

With means that all the other browsers have to copy whatever “Noodle Dome” does. Be exactly like it. Firejunk, for example, nowadays feel like a “Noodle Dome” skin these days. They make all the changes to the UI/UX “Noodle Dome” does, for example, one click selects everything in the title bar. And probably other stuff i don’t know because I don’t use firefox.

There’s a monopoly with the browsers render engines. Blink is the main engine. So browsers like Opera, Vivaldi, Brave… Are just Chromium skins and the only thing that changes is some UI/UX. But in the end it’s the same as chromium.

Alternative browsers likeless surf and nyxt are ALSO under the blink monopoly!

And remember that anything that “Noodle Dome” does, will be done by Firefox, after all, Google literally designs the web standars

So browsers only care about one thing: How fast you can interpret javascript. Meaning all the development goes to JavaScript, rather than trying to improve the user experience or give more control to the user on the software they’re using.

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