Cloudflare and its consequences have been a disaster for the cyberspace

Cloudflare is a MITM

Cloudflare stays between you and the server you’re going to.

Cloudflare claims this is for “DDoS” protection and CDN.

Which is all good, until cloudflare thinks you’re a bot.

Why can cloudflare think you’re a bot? here are some reasons

If cloudflare thinks you’re a bot, you’ll have to enable JS and ~train their AI~ solve a captcha to enter the website

If you don’t mind click squares for 5 minutes (I once tried to solve one of these captchas using tor+pale moon and i shit you not, i was clicking squares for 5 minutes) you should know how this “DDoS protection” works.

There is no DDoS protection actually, they just have a lot of servers. So if a server is overloaded, they will just point your website to another server.

Now, on the “bot” detection. Cloudflare claims to only block “bad bots” and “attackers”. how does this thing work?

Easy. via the user-agent. I believe it follows something like this

Inmidiatly, people who knows how the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure works will say “How does Cloudflare know my user agent, the user agent its passed in the request!”

This is because, despite having the green lock in the browser, cloudflare decrypts all your traffic. All the usernames, passwords, have passed in plain text through cloudflare’s server.

You should distrust cloudflare from your browser

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