In the sidebar on the left, you can find why i consider some points of the software bad.

I don’t think minimalistic software is all the times better than bloated software. Sometimes “bloated” software is better than the alternatives. For example pale moon is more usable than surf. And sometimes extensions are useful so i don’t consider them harmful, problem is that how you write those extensions (if you read GNU source code, you’ll have a impulse to throw yourself into an active volcano). While, for example, BSD implemented those extensions in a sane way.

Here’s a table with software i consider harmful and their alternaties

Harmful things Less bad things
KDE,Gnome i3, dwm, bspwm, Xfce
Windows BSD, Linux, Haiku
Vim, Vi Emacs, zile, jed
MacBooks Thinkpads, Toughbooks
GCC clang, tcc
Wayland X11
GTK, QT Tk, Curses
Intel, Realtek ath9k
Electron Throwing yourself to an active volcano, you cannot be saved
Wordpress werc
Any chromium browser Anything else!
G**gle search, bing, duckduckgo searx, yacy
Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord, Matrix XMPP, Mumble, IRC
systemd runit, s6
pacman, dnf, emerge xbps, pkg

The programs here are worse than useless so they require no alternative: