I hosted a matrix server and explored Riot. You can tell they’ve invested a lot into the UI. There’s some ‘dark pattern design’ going on too, like their “data collection dialog.” They want you to consent. Encryption isn’t on by default, and when you do turn it on the program prompts you to ‘backup’ your keys where “we’ll store an encrypted copy of your keys on our server.” There is so much push to harvet data from you in some way or another. For an apparently “open source,” “private,” and “federated” program there seems to be an insidious push to be the polar opposite. The project wants to eventually move away from matrix usernames to phone numbers or e-mail addresses to identify users.


Matrix, Riot, Element, Synapse, Vector… I don’t know how it is called anymore

Hey that’s first problem! nobody knows how to find your service!

Go to your search engine and look up the following:

See? no related results of what we’re talking about..

Servers uses HTTP for it

What the hell? Why do a completly separate server use HTTP?

I mean, XMPP uses HTTP only for file upload and that’s it (Also, the HTTP upload file server is started by the XMPP server, not like matrix, which depends on, let’s say, nginx)


Yeah, Matrix is a decentralized protocol in theory, but in practice, this is different:

Client is written in Electron!

What else do I have to say?

matrix.org is cloudflared

This means that Cloudflare has all the request you’ve made to matrix.org

Also remember that main Matrix server is matrix.org (remember that decentralisation is a meme in matrix, everyone uses matrix.org), and matrix is a HTTP based protocol, so everything you do in matrix, is sniffed by cloudflare.

Comparision to XMPP

blank XMPP Matrix
Open protocol? Yes Yes but no
Commercial project? No New Vector develops Element
Encryption OMEME, OTR, PGP OLM
Monopoly Network? Many servers and clients Most users use Element+Matrix.org

BTW, how the fuck do I setup a fucking Matrix server?

You literally can’t i was trying to setup a Matrix server but i fucking literally couldn’t, why do I have to setup nginx? I mean, yes, XMPP does also depend on Nginx but is highly optional. (just for HTTP file upload and nothing else) but Matrix FULLY depends in HTTP apparently.