It is actually systemd/Linux!

Most people who hate systemd can’t elaborate on why they hate systemd. But I can.

Privacy issues

There are a lot of conspiracy theories about systemd being spyware.

systemd fallback to G**gle DNS servers. This is a very serious privacy issue.

This can be modified in the But i don’t think you want to recompile systemd

BTW, why does my INIT software manage my DNS? I thought we had. emm.

UNIX philosophy

>Make each program do one thing well. To do a new job, build afresh rather than complicate old programs by adding new “features”.

According to this systemd has 1.2 million lines:

What in the actual hell

There’s also systemd-boot, systemd-crypt setup and probably much others than we haven’t discovered yet.

Here’s a list of what systemd manages:

X11 in systemd

Of course, X11 was completely necessary in PID 1

Ever wanted to connect to a remote systemd machine (using systemd)?

Now you can!

/etc/ bullshit

If you run systemd with an empty /etc directory, systemctl preset-all (whatever that does) is executed. to ensure a good “factory reset”

Really? I think that if someone is going to remove /etc is because a) per’s stupid or b) per’s distro was already broken.

Also, why is this in the fucking init process?

systemctl edit command

systemctl has its own editor, which is $EDITOR though, pretty useless since you just removed /etc.


It was something really necessary! My init system controlling if my fucking wifi card is on or off! I don’t know what i would do without a process spawned by my kernel doing this…

Your init software manages your calendar and cron jobs

Yeah, completely necessary.

systemd stores tempfiles in a completely sane directory!

Literally why?we literally have /tmp and /dev/shm, fucking systemd-tmpfiles was completely unnecessary

systemd does not know what FastCGI is

Thank you systemd

Being systemd so fucking big, it could crash in any second. And since systemd is PID 1, if it crashes, the kernel would panic.

GNU’s not UNIX! so why would it have to follow the UNIX philosophy?

Because it is UNIX like!

Serious issues


systemctl uses its own format (binary BTW) to logs the shit, and you have to use journalctl (can’t use less/more/cat/whatever) to see what’s going on.

At least, there’s /var/log. But not all software use that

Alternatives to systemd

Good luck!

Anyways, good distros without systemd are gentoo, void and slackware. Consider BSD too!