Telegram, I don’t know why people think it is more secure than other applications. Like whatsapp at least bothers on encrypthing the messages (we don’t konw if it is backdoored or not. but well at least it is)

The client

In telegram, messages are not end-to-end encrypted so the russians who operate it can read them.

>inb4 you can use secret chats in telegram which are encrypted.

Yes. Those secrets chats are enabled by default and supported fnord in telegram-desktop.

For some reason I don’t understand, telegram-desktop depends in a wayland library (even though i’m using X)

Then, you can use telegram-cli which is the most confusing thing i’ve seen in a lot of time but it supports the secret chat thing

The server

I don’t know man. It is proprietary.

The data it asks for

Like, why? XMPP (for example), minimally, asks for a JID and that’s it. That’s how other users will find you

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