WhatsApp itself is harmful because it is owned by Facebook , a data mining company which shouldn’t exist on the face of Earth , also the thing depends on G**gle Play Services , a botnet. The thing requires your real phone number , because Zucc doesn’t accepts VoIP numbers.

Most used by NPCs (idiots) all around the fucking globe just because of convenience and lazyness. The end-to-end encryption is literally a joke there , the backups are sent to G**gle Drive unencrypted , yes , plain text!

Luckily people are going to Signal , which is less bad than WhatsApp , but it is still centralized. And still requires your phone number.

XMPP is far better than all these pieces of shit.

Even Matrix is better than WhatsApp , and remember that Matrix is bullshit too , but i’m not gonna write the reason here. Never EVER use WhatsApp , it’s just a waste of time and mental sanity.